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Not sure if your network is vulnerable?
Our Essentials services are the first step to minimalising cyber threats.

Gap Analysis

The starting point of every company’s cybersecurity framework. We will benchmark your company’s current state of cybersecurity to industry standards, such as ISO27001. Through comparison tests of security controls and processes, we identify areas that are lacking and prone to risks, and provide actionable steps to improve security measures.

Asset Management Analysis

Sun Tzu said: "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles". The best defence is knowing your own IT environment so that your business can account for all assets deployed, down to the applications installed. We recommend doing an Asset Management Analysis bi-annually to detect any rogue devices and/or applications that may perform malicious activities in your IT environment.

Compliance Assessment

To get your business aligned with cybersecurity regulations and requirements like Monetary Authority of Singapore Technology Risk Management Guidelines, IM8 security policies and Cybersecurity Act, we highlight areas that need improvements to ensure compliance.

Vulnerability Assessment

Our team scans your information system for any security weaknesses and assigns the level of risk to vulnerabilities. Through the assessment, we will recommend remediation solutions to support your organisation.


Now that you know what the risks are and where they lie, our team can help you build the defensible network your organisation needs.

Maturity Assessment

How do you know that your organisation’s cybersecurity is strong enough? The Maturity Assessment is a holistic evaluation of your business’ level of cybersecurity posture to ensure your organisation has the security measures in place to prioritise key areas for a management action plan and map cyber practices against industry standards, e.g. NIST and ISO 27001.

CISO as a Service

Our CISO as a Service is a critical investment to lead your enterprise’s cybersecurity programme by strengthening your enterprise’s effective security and drive compliance capabilities. You will have access to a team of experienced and specialised cybersecurity experts.

Penetration Testing

Our team simulates a cyber attack against a web application, computer system or network to identify exploitable vulnerabilities. Insights from the pen-test help to fine-tune security controls and patch vulnerabilities – before the bad guys can attack.

Compromise Assessment

When a cyber incident happens, a Compromise Assessment will help your business react quickly to recover from the attack. Our team will uncover past or onging security breaches to determine the extent of data loss or damage done. We will help you address the underlying problem, such as weaknesses in your cybersecurity architecture or inadequate policy enforcements.

Threat Hunting

A proactive tactic to beat attackers at their game, Threat Hunting isolates, contains, and eradicates cyber threats before an incident can play out. Our team will search for indicators of compromise on hosts and networks.

Digital Forensics Incident Response

If an incident has happened, we help your organisation resume regular operations. Our team identifies the attack, contains the threat, remediates and recovers through the acquisition of digital evidence from hard-drives, memory and networks, cybercrime investigation and reporting.


Fortify your organisation’s architecture to create an impenetrable infrastructure.

Cyber Intelligence

By knowing who your cyber adversaries are, their strategies and objectives, we help your organisation build more robust cyber defences through cyber intelligence. Our team will uncover actionable threat intelligence information such as who is targeting you and what are they saying in the digital space. It’s no surprise that cyber intelligence has become such a critical pillar in any mature cybersecurity strategy.

SOC Consultancy

With our experience and expertise, our team focuses on the effectiveness of real-time monitoring services, and encourage innovative efforts to detect advanced attacks, through the analysis of security event logs and positive use of intelligence augmentation. By combining consultancy and managed services, your organisation will have the necessary tools to adapt to the SOCs of the future.

Cyber Range

An essential part of an organisation’s cyber defenders training, Cyber Range creates a controlled virtual environment where cyber attack scenarios can be replayed and staff can train to perfect their tactics, techniques and procedures.

Red Teaming

Our experienced security experts will emulate adversarial actions to breach cyber defences, with the goal of measuring the effectiveness of security controls in an environment.

Malware Analysis

Malware Analysis prevents and detects future cyber attacks. Our team helps your organisation understands how the malware avoided security controls by providing expert insights into the capabilities, evasion techniques and overall impact of the malware discovered in your environment.

Proactive Countermeasures

Our team engages novel approaches such as the use of Honeypots, Canneries and web bugs to detect cyber intrusion attempts, as well as deploys proven countermeasures to evict and recover from cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Professional Training and Development

We at INTfinity want to be part of developing cybersecurity talent. Our team will equip individuals with an aptitude for cybersecurity with the skills and knowledge to take on professional roles to combat the challenges of the cyber world.

Due Diligence

A company/individual may be penalised by regulatory sanctions and/or face reputational damages when they engage with a high-risk party. Therefore, it is essential to identify and assess all the probable risks before entering into an agreement.These could be in the form of third-party companies and individuals as prospective suppliers, clients, partners involved in mergers & acquisitions, joint venture partnerships and potential employees or senior executives.

Our team uses a combination of multi-source intelligence together with regulatory checks with in-country source information for our due diligence reports.

Regulatory Checks

These include bankruptcy and litigation cases, drilled down to the local county or province (where possible). From simple to complex court cases, we go beyond to analyse and present the cases and findings in a comprehensive summary.

Public Profile

Our analysts conduct extensive internet research using open-source intelligence (OSINT), proprietary databases and news aggregators. We can also search within the deep and dark web, depending on your requirements.


We have a network of local sources to assess on-the-ground information that are not publicly available. These could include cultural background, feedback from staff, competitors, industry analysts, suppliers and local authorities.

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