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Cybersecurity attackers are evolving. So should your company’s defence. Whether your business is big or small, if you are digital, threats are very real. INTfinity’s team of cybersecurity professionals provides proven expertise and innovative solutions to protect your business, data and clients.

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Locally established, INTfinity Consulting has Cybersecurity expertise and experience in both the public and private sectors. We believe in providing consistently high standards of services with efficiency and professionalism. Our team has decades of experience within the Cybersecurity industry in Singapore and overseas. INTfinity Consulting can provide full support to enhance your Cybersecurity defenses and ensure that your organization remains compliant with regulatory requirements.

Delaney wears many hats. He is the CTO of INTfinity Consulting, a Smart Nation Fellow for GovTech and Technical Director for SANS APAC, making him a very busy man. He has 17 years of cybersecurity experience under his belt, 12 of which were spent strategising and operationalising cyber defence capabilities for the government. There he was responsible for the 24x7 Security Operations Centre. In the last 3 years of his service, he led the Red Team as the Director of the Cyber Security Inspectorate. He has a Master in Computing(Infocomm Security) from NUS. He is always studying even though he has several professional certifications such as CISSP, OSCP, OSEE, GXPN, GREM, and not to forget, the industry's most respected and most difficult hands-on certification - GIAC Security Expert (GSE).

As the Principal Consultant of INTfinity Consulting, Wee Hian leads the team that specialises in provisioning of strategic cybersecurity consultancy, assessments and operations. She has been in the industry for 20 plus years, starting out in the Ministry of Defence taking on several roles from systems administrations/management, digital transformation and data analytics. Ultimately, she found her passion in cybersecurity and worked on policy development, IT/cybersecurity project implementations, monitoring and response. She likes how the cybersecurity landscape is always changing and challenging and keeps her on her toes. Most times, Wee Hian plays defence in the Blue Team. She also conducts outreach on IT and cybersecurity to different audiences. She is professionally certified in GCIH and GMON.

Nancy is a lifelong learner who enjoys exploring new technologies and is also one of INTfinity Consulting's Senior Consultant. Before this, she served 13 years in various cybersecurity roles in the Ministry of Defence. She started off as a consultant providing advice on computer security issues, after which she spent 6 years in a SOC environment, performing threat assessment, computer forensics and malware analysis. Her last appointment in MINDEF was in a Red Team role, performing pen-testing and vulnerability assessment. She has a Master in Computing(Infocomm Security) from NUS and professional certifications such as GXPN, GREM, OSCP and OSEE.

Our Services

At Your Service

INTfinity Consulting strives to provide you with a comprehensive review of your cyber “health status”, identify issues within your network, and develop solutions to rectify these vulnerabilities. This will not only help reduce your attack surfaces but also protect your systems and networks against unauthorized exploitations.

Another core service provided is Reputation Due Diligence which is essential for companies to identify and assess all probable risks before entering a business relationship with any prospective supplier, client, partner.


We will assess your current cyber-health, quantify your risks and provide tailored recommendations to strengthen your organization's cyber resilience.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

We will help you reinstate your business operations in the safest and swiftest way, using our best-in-class digital forensics technologies and best practices.

Proactive Defenses

We will conduct adversarial attack simulation exercises to provide a holistic view of your organization's resilience against real-world cyber attacks.

Reputational Due Diligence

Be sure that you are dealing with a legitimate counter-party with clear records. We conduct due diligence vetting utilizing OSINT tools and our global network to obtain crucial on-the-ground information.

Our Accreditations

Penetration Testing Service Licence granted by Cybersecurity Services Regulation Office, CSA
Licence No: CS/PTS/C-2022-0094

We’ve got your back

INTfinity is here for you, at every step of your cybersecurity journey. Our dedicated and adaptable team is on hand to ensure your network is secure for your peace of mind.

Our clients come from a spectrum of industries:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Integrated Healthcare
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Engineering Services
  • IT Services Provider

  • Telecommunications
  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporate Services
  • Non-profit Organisations
  • Manufacturing
  • Fintech

"INTfinity has provided excellent cybersecurity audit services. There are few consulting companies in Singapore that provide such comprehensive cybersecurity services. In the beginning, our lack of knowledge of cybersecurity meant that we were unable to identify the critical cybersecurity elements. INTfinity helped AcePLP focus on the important things, and come up with a comprehensive, step-by-step action plan. The follow-up consultations ensured that the implementation plan was properly executed. Mitigating measures were put in place to close up the remaining gaps left behind by our internal IT team. We are very grateful for your support during this time."

~ AcePLP Pte. Ltd.

"As a Financial Institution, cybersecurity concern has always been a prioritised risk that we have to address on an ongoing basis. Conducting regular vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are a mandatory requirement for the business to function with a peace of mind. We had been searching for a reliable partner for such services from companies based overseas as such service providers are far and few in Singapore, but was glad we eventually came to know about INTfinity. Having INTfinity based in Singapore has been nothing but advantageous for us. On top of the scope of service agreed between us, INTfinity has always been prompt in clarifying any queries from us. The service provided by INTfinity was so satisfactory that we had moved on to engaging them for threat hunting service as well as an external advisory service to our IT/cyber security infrastructure. We are grateful for all the help received and hope to have continued successful collaboration with INTfinity for many years to come."

~ MAS licensed Financial Institution

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